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Version 9.0 has been released!


  • added “-asm” option (AMD cards only) which enables assembler GPU kernels. In this mode some tuning is required even in ETH-only mode, use “-dcri” option or or “+/-” keys in runtime to set best speed.

    Currently only ETH-only and ETH-DCR modes are supported in assembler. Use “-asm 0” if you don’t want to use new assembler kernels.

    If ASM mode is enabled, miner must show “GPU #x: algorithm ASM” at startup.

  • improved ETH mining speed in ASM mode for some cards, also a bit reduced power usage for some cards (fine-tuning is required via “-dcri” or “+/-” keys in runtime).

    NOTE 1: if GPU throttles, best “-dcri” value is different.

    NOTE 2: speed peak can be rather short, so change “-dcri” value slowly.

  • dramatically increased DCR mining speed in assembler mode (up to 70%). Be careful, power usage is higher too.
  • added “-gmap” option.
  • fixed DCR Nicehash support.
  • added “FINE-TUNING” section to Readme file.
  • A lot of minor improvements and bug fixes.





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