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Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v9.6 (Windows/Linux)

It’s upgrade time, Claymore has released version 9.6:

Latest version is v9.6:

– new GPU sorting method for AMD cards. Now GPUs are sorted by physical bus index (it matches AfterBurner list of GPUs). Also the list of temperatures/fans matches the list of GPUs automatically.
Therefore “-di detect” and “-gmap” options are not necessary and not supported anymore.
WARNING: be careful if you use use separate overclock/temperature settings for every card, due to new sorting method GPUs can get different indexes!
– added “-minspeed” option to restart miner/system if miner cannot reach specified speed.
– now watchdog monitors initialization steps too, e.g. it will restart miner even if miner hangs at GPUs initialization.
– added “-allcoins etc” option for ETC pools that require Username.Worker, in this mode devfee will be mined on some default ETC pools and DAG will not be recreated.
– added current DAG size info when “s” key is pressed.
– added 1 minute average speed for ETH when “s” key is pressed.
– fixed connection timeout issue in Linux version.
– fixed some issues related to remote management via TCP/IP.
– added “-ejobtimeout” and “-djobtimeout” options.
– fixed epoch #0 support.
– a few minor bug fixes and improvements.
– EthMan: fixed issue with lost connection to some rigs.
– EthMan: added password for webserver.
– EthMan: added separate settings for every event.
– EthMan: added “retrigger” option for lost connection event.


GOOGLE:  NOTE: It seems Google blocks some files, use MEGA if you cannot find latest version.



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